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Enterprise-Grade IT Security For SMBs

The latest IT security book for business leaders, no matter their level of technical expertise.

Does security feel like a tacked-on business task?

Most business leaders understand that security threats exist, but they often don’t recognize just how pervasive attacks are. Cybercrime is now a $6 trillion dollar industry, so it’s not a question of ‘if’, but ‘when’. If your job is outside of IT, a lot of security measures can seem like needless cost and hassle, if not an impediment to your business processes. In this book, Enterprise-Grade IT Security For SMBs, Denny Cherry breaks down what every business leader needs to understand to shape an effective security strategy. 


What we cover in 'Enterprise-Grade IT Security For SMBs

The right security strategy doesn’t just protect your business, it propels it. But to be successful, it must be holistically integrated with your business processes. 

In this guide, database security expert Denny Cherry covers critical facets of IT security strategy such as:

Network Design

Your network could have security cameras, door locks, badge readers, telephones, call center wall-boards, cash registers, printers, scanners, kiosks with computers for customers to use, and the employee computers. They're all connected and you must keep them secure.


Just like their physical namesake in a car or a building where the firewall is there to stop fire and heat from moving from one place to another, a computer firewall stops data from moving from one place to another.

Distributed Denial of Service Attacks & Protection

A denial-of-service attack attempts to flood the network of your company. This attack works by sending a mass of traffic from the source network to the target network. You need to detect and respond as they happen.

Remote Connectivity

Today your team collaborates not just in physical offices, but in digitally connected virtual spaces. Secure end-users as they access company work infrastructure, and protect your systems everywhere they travel.

Protecting People & Processes

Generally speaking the weakest link in Information Technology Security isn’t how the devices are configured or the infrastructure design. The weakest link is the actions of internal employees.

Multi-factor Authentication

To log into a network, you must apply more than one point of authentication: your username, and password and something else, like one-time-use code. The concept of Multi-Factor Authentication is fairly ubiquitous these days but still isn’t used incorrectly.

Zero Trust Environments

Zero Trust is a strategic approach to cybersecurity that eliminates implicit trust. It requires all users (inside and outside your organization) to be authenticated, authorized, and continuously validated.

Computer Operating System Security

Microsoft, LINUX, and Apple operating systems all have slightly different security considerations based on their hardware and software.







Denny Cherry

About the author

With dozens of certifications from Microsoft and virtualization software leaders, as well as the author of the leading book on data security, Denny Cherry is one of the most deft and knowledgeable cross-platform IT consultants in the world. His technical expertise today includes security, system architecture, performance tuning, replication, and troubleshooting.

Denny has an impressive set of credentials. He’s been a Microsoft MVP (Most Valuable Professional) Award winner since 2008 and has held the highest level certification available for each version since SQL Server 2000.

Denny has published dozens of articles on a variety of topics including security, SQL Server, VMware, and Enterprise Storage and how these various technologies work together in SQL Server Magazine, Microsoft’s TechNet magazine, and, and more. He is also the published author of multiple books for both technology and business professionals.


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